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We are generally believers in this: technology is an amplifier of human capacity!
But of course technology is a broad term. Our mission is to build solutions that move society towards a sustainable, and as far as is possible, circular economy. In practice this involves a rethink in how we do things: building upon the lessons from around the world and incorporating advances made in science and technology. For example, we think, like many might, a key technology that needs to be revamped is energy production.

So we have started in Malawi, in a small city that offers a virgin field to experiment with the latest innovations. We’re building an energy recovery system to manage and process waste from residential, commercial and factory estates across the city. The electrical energy is then injected into the grid to power a good portion of these same residences and factories. In this case, sustainability and circularity are not just an afterthought but in fact are key components of the business model itself from the start.

That is the theme across our products: technology solutions whose success does not threaten the well-being of society.