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Last Updated on 17-January-2024

Non-Engineering Roles

SALES ENGINEERS(120+ open positions, commission-based)

Location: Mzuzu

Sales engineer

Administrative Officer

Location: Mzuzu

KCHKNA Inc. is a renewable energy and technology company that develops innovative solutions for creating smart, highly functional and tech-enabled human settlements. One of KCHKNA’s current initiatives is largescale energy recycling whereby a city’s waste pipeline is managed to extract value from it, such as generating electricity from the waste. Join us in creating clean, fun, and liveable places!

Position: Administrative Officer

Reports to: Chief Executive Officer

Your purpose at KCHKNA

To assist in the effective execution of the company’s projects.

Expected Contributions from You

a. Maintain company calendar schedule and appointment

b. Answer queries by employees and clients

c. Prepare regular reports on expenses and office budget

d. Distribute and store correspondence

e. Schedule in-house and external events

f. Analyse historical and current client data to recognise trends and patterns

g. Check that regulatory and ethical guidelines are followed when handling client data

h. Develop action plans for the company

i. Liaise with organisation’s vendors and partners

j. Organize meetings logistics including travel arrangements, visas, permits for company employees

k. Maintenance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.

Your Profile

a. Swift in getting things done.

b. Good grasp of how technology can be an enabler for people

c. Effective negotiation skills

d. Diploma in any commerce field or social science related field.

Chief Marketing Officer (1 Position, full time)

Job brief

At KCHKNA Inc we seek a mighty passionate Marketing Officer to plan and oversee the organization’s marketing activities and campaigns. You will lead a team which will collectively ensure that our marketing operations significantly contribute to the achievement of the success metrics set by the organization.

Bring along a toolbox of useful techniques and principles. If you are that ideal candidate we seek, then you are one excellent communicator with ocean-deep experience in managing successful marketing ventures.

The goal is that people and organizations do not just know about what we do but that they adopt our tools which will amplify whatever they do. Our mission is to see a society where many more can use the technologies that we build.


  • Design, deploy and maintain billboards at strategic locations across the cities where we operate
  • Develop, track and report on campaigns run through social media channels including on Facebook, Instagram, and other social medial platforms as your team sees fit
  • Identify sponsorships that allow for excellent brand visibility
  • Design a system of appropriate metrics to be used for determining success of marketing campaigns
  • Conduct market research to identify opportunities for promotion and growth
  • Collaborate with managers in preparing budgets and monitoring expenses
  • Build and lead a team of new and experienced co-workers with whom you will execute the marketing strategies


  • Demonstrate knowledge in core marketing techniques and principles
  • You’ll have carried out some market research through which you acquired market research techniques and used statistical and data analysis methods
  • You can use marketing software (e.g. CRM) and other tools to help accelerate what your team does
  • You are familiar with analytics tools such Google Analytics and Facebook Business/Ads Manager or the equivalents
  • You have a knack for choosing the right words, visuals, and sounds to communicate with others
  • You love to create and play around artistically in order to amuse and hold the attention of an audience
  • As you’ll be leading a team, you must be comfortable leading and being part of a team.
  • BSc/BA in marketing, business administration or relevant field. However, if you can otherwise prove to us that you were made for this role, we might never even ask about this BS.

Chief Finance Officer (1 Position, full time)

Job brief

At KCHKNA we are inviting an experienced Chief Financial Officer or CFO to join our growing corporation. The CFO will devise ingenious financial management strategies, including helping our organization anticipate and hedge against financial risks, ensure liquidity for operations, as well as lead in investing our earnings wisely.

To thrive in this role you must have your book knowledge coupled with practical experience in generic accounting tasks as well as in large-scale investments, or at least being able to formulate such sound investment strategies.

Your goal is to aid the company in increasing its revenues, widen its profit margins, and source capital to ultimately achieve massive, sustainable growth while remaining financially healthy.


  • Plan how the company will source and deploy capital over a set period of time.
  • Reduce financial risks and/or implement risk control measures by analysing the organization’s liabilities and investments
  • Decide on investment strategies by considering cash and liquidity risks
  • Assess the organization’s fundraising plans and capital structure
  • Ensure cash flow balance so that the organization’s operations are not limited or obstructed due to, for example, late payments or non-payments
  • Build financial models that help make financial projections
  • Prepare reliable current and forecasting reports
  • Set up and oversee the company’s finance IT system
  • Ensure compliance with the law and company’s policies.


  • Proven experience as CFO, finance officer or other relevant role
  • In depth knowledge of corporate financial law and risk management practices
  • You can build models from data and explain to the CEO and management the meaning of the data
  • You are able to use financial management software (e.g. SAP)
  • You are able to build and lead a team with compassion to ensure excellent performance from team members
  • You have acquired experience be it in formal jobs/institutions or informally.
  • BSc/BA in Accounting, Finance or relevant field

Engineering Roles

KCHKNA Embedded Software Engineers (3 positions, full time)

As an embedded software engineer at KCHKNA you’ll initially focus on programming robots and access control systems (ACS). The robots will perform a variety of tasks but initially you’ll program them to assist with sorting waste into streams such as organic, plastics, glass and metals.
For the access control system you will program a biometric system that reads either iris, fingerprints or faces of employees of our corporate client. The system will be coupled to a web application with which the client can track attendance and working hours to help improve their operational efficiency.

Why We Want You

  • You have developed projects using microcontrollers such as STM32F103xx-based computer systems, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and generally worked with ARM chips
  • You can communicate to/from other devices using protocols such as UART/SPI/I2C, USB, etc.
  • Experience with Linux; awesome if you’ve done some embedded Linux, even a tiny bit.
  • Great if RTOS sounds familiar
  • Comfortable with command line tools (i.e., bash, git, gdb, etc.)
  • Some understanding of basic electronic hardware such as rectifiers and voltage regulators
  • Plus points if you are somewhat familiar with mobile communication protocols and 3GPP specifications on 5G;

Other Awesome-to-have skills?

– Experience with Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Computer Vision and especially if you’ve implemented AI on embedded systems!

Why Join Us

  • You will work on projects that are in the gray area between science fiction and reality, so if you like a tech challenge, we think you’ll be in for a treat.
  • We’ll pay you well enough to have you focus on honing your craft during the time you are with us.

KCHKNA Application Developer (2 Web Dev, 2 Android Dev; full time)

You will develop modern, stylish, and fast web and android applications. Your initial projects will include creating web applications that interface with a corporate administrator to allow them to monitor attendance. Then you’ll also be involved in developing a suite of applications that form a digital ecosystem to facilitate transactions between people and merchants.

Who You Are

  • You have developed and deployed a web app or mobile app that uses databases; the database could be MySQL or no-MySQL kind
  • You can quickly set up a web server, mail server, and/or configure proxy servers. You can demonstrate familiarity with Nginx server, LiteSpeed or Apache.
  • You know about, though need not have extensive knowledge in, containerized applications
  • You can find your way around a Linux environment
  • You have developed a functional mobile app using Java or some modern languages (for Android App Developers)

What *Extras* Would Be Awesome to Have?

  • You have worked with Near Field Communication, QR code
  • You can implement machine perception algorithms, including face detection, Natural Language Processing, etc.

Why Join Us

  • Our projects and applications are of the game-changing kind rather than basic and ancient websites. Ever wanted to develop apps that underpin modern digital banking? Then join us! If you like to amplify what society can do by leveraging computing, then you will be at home here.
  • And of course, you’ll be paid mighty well. Plus, we read books together so you can grow as a person, for your own good.

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