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Part X: Your Experience

This is where you show off your education background and work experience! Don't worry too much about grades, we will look at the whole of you 🙂

Name the work experience (or full cv) file as familyname_firstname_acadience.pdf. 

Part M: Your Motivation

Respond to any three:

1. Why do you wish to work at KCHKNA?

2. What is the most important challenge you have had in your life and how did you solve or are solving it?

3. Have you participated in 

a. Community outreach services? If yes, tell us more about your involvement!
b. Sports activities? If yes, share about your winnings and losses and lessons!

4. Tell us your unique story in terms of what you have done, and where you envision yourself being in the near future.

5. Tell us situations that inspired/shaped you

Name the work experience (or full cv) file as familyname_firstname_motivated.pdf. 


Preferred Option: paste the link to a folder that contains a) files that describe your academic background (with certificates) and work experience and b) your motivation.
You could use Google Drive, Dropbox, Github, Canva or any other cloud storage option that you prefer. Then give us access ( or make the folder viewable by the public and share the link. 

Please drop a link to the folder where you have 

  1. The Experience documents (response to Part X)
  2. The Motivation documents (response to Part M)

There is no need to directly email attachments to us. If you need help contact us via WhatsApp or on our Facebook page



If for some reason you are NOT ABLE TO share a link to your documents, then upload them directly.

If you run into any issues ask for help through WhatsApp (+265 881 79 41 48) or